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Health Coaching

Health Coaching focuses on the individual as a whole. Diet is one aspect of it, along with rest, exercise, stress reduction and supplementation.

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As far as the diet portion, we focus on optimizing the diet for maximum health and fitness first, and then consider each person’s goals in formulating an individualized plan.

Our Heath Coach is Katrina Gallagher, Integrative Nutrition Specialist

Expert guidance

We have trained professionals who will help you design and stick to a diet regimen for long-term success.

A supportive community

With access to a community of supportive individuals, you’ll have other health-minded people there to encourage you every step of the way.

Personalized plans

You'll get a personal nutrition plan crafted around your preferences, goals, and nutritional needs based on science.

Measured results

Your coach will be there to remind you that you are capable, as well as keep track of your progress with clear, measured results.

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